Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunts On The Alaska Peninsula

Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunts With Larose Guide Service



Pumice Creek Lodge 

Pumice Creek Lodge On The Alaska Penininsula     Pumice Creek Lodge

LaRose Guide Service offers brown bear and moose hunts on the Alaska Peninsula. A unique wilderness experience in a spectacularly beautiful place! Stay at Pumice Creek Lodge, 376 air miles east of Anchorage, 86 air miles south of King Salmon, and far from the crowd. Remote, rustic, and unspoiled...but with comfortable accommodations, experienced guides, and savory meals! Pumice Creek Lodge rests near the mountains, surrounded by vast opportunity for harvesting trophy Alaska coastal brown bear and Alaska Yukon moose.  Our Wilderness! The Alaska Frontier!

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Alaska Brown Bear Hunts

Alaska Brown Bear  Alaska Bear Hunt

The Alaska Peninsula is home to one of the largest salmon runs in the world. This is the major reason we grow the biggest brown bear found anywhere in the world. This is a trophy Alaska brown bear habitat, and is strictly regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This hunt takes place on the Alaska Peninsula in May, between the 10th and the 25th in 2012 and 2014. Also, in October between the 1st and the 21st of 2011 and 2013.

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Alaska Moose Hunts

Trophy Alaska Bull Moose  Trophy Alaska Bull Moose

If 60 inch-plus moose are your goal, this is the place. We have been averaging 62" to 64" since 1967. When the season opens, the rut is just beginning. We track moose throughout the Fall. We choose our moose for their size and points and put a camp in as near as possible. Your hunt generally takes place within 10 miles of base camp. We hunt Unit 9E which has a minimum antler size restriction of 50 inches or better. Our target is moose with antlers over 60 inches.

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Alaska Blast & Cast Hunt

Blast & Cast Alaska Fishing    Alaska Duck Hunt

The reopening of Canada goose hunting on the Alaska Peninsula has given us the opportunity to offer a unique experience for our guests. This is five days of Silver salmon fishing and bird hunting, including geese and multiple species of puddle duck. We leave the lodge at first light and fly to the tidal area where  birds are flying. We land on the beaches and a few landing areas and walk to the best stake outs. My dog, Cinder is always on the lookout for incoming birds. When the birds slow down we can load back into the plane for a quick flight down the beach to the next bay south and land where my boats are stored. Within minutes you are fishing dime bright Silver Salmon from ten to fifteen pounds that are pound for pound some to the best fighters Alaska has to offer. Plan on catching ten to fifteen of these in three to four hours.

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Fishing At Pumice Creek Lodge

alaska fishing   alaska fishing

Pumice Creek Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula opens in June as "the kings" start their run up stream. We fish for these twenty to forty pound monsters very near salt water so you can be assured to catch strong, dime-bright fish. When the kings are running, there are also many reds and some rainbows up to ten pounds. These rainbows are catch and release only so have your camera ready. As the season progresses and the salmon start spawning, the Arctic char move in for the salmon eggs. The action on the fly pole is nonstop with these two to eight pound fighters. This fishing is primarily from the riverbank.

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David Redding of Nashville, Illinois booked his hunt with LaRose Guide Service at 2013 SCI with his wife and three children looking on with anticipation. David showed up in camp with a lot of his family’s expectations. Rudy McPherren helped fulfill those expectations with a nice  Alaska brown bear on the 6th day.  Dave is a big boy. I was worried about getting him in the Super Cub but Dave showed me how flexible he was and jumped right in. His days during his hunt were filled with wind and rain about the time they had had enough weather one afternoon,  they packed up their gear and headed for the tent. Thirty feet down the hill they saw their bear closing on their position. Dave wasted no time getting his 460 Weatherby shouldered. One shot dropped the 8’8” bear right in the creek.

Alaska Coastal Brown Bear

Anthony Bruce from Australia booked his hunt with us through Rick Nagel of "World Wide Hunts"  several years ago and arrived Fall of 2013 to fulfill his desire to kill a big moose. After turning down a few on his first days they didn't see another bull for four days. Then three nice bulls appeared right at dusk. All Anthony had to do was make up his mind. Of course he shot the biggest one. Anthony's bull measured 67 inches; yet another nice moose compliments of LaRose Guide Service.

Trophy Alaska Bull Moose

Steve Jackson from Australia returned for the second time for a chance at an Alaska brown bear in Fall 2013. This was his third time hunting with us after killing a 65" moose on his first hunt in 2009. After hunting 13 days in spring 2012, Steve was going to take the first decent bear he saw. The 8 1/2 footer filled the bill. The skull measured at 25 inches. Very good for a younger brown bear.

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

Shad Ketcher from the Twin Cities had seen several younger bulls during the hunt, and a ten foot bear (bear season wasn’t open) in his first seven days but nothing he wanted to take home. On the eighth day we moved him to a new area. Chad got on a nice 68” bull early in the a.m. and by midday it was down….a long way from the camp. Rudy packed in the back-straps and tenders the first day and the next morning they had a bear on the kill. The pack crew went back out the second day and ran him off but by the third day the bear was a bit more persistent.  They had moved the front quarters and antlers from the kill site to save them and after the third trip the pack from hell was over and so was the season.

Alaska Moose

Craig Lentz from the Twin Cities with his very nice bull taken seven days into his hunt. Craig had been on a 70” bull early in his hunt. It was so big he thought it was two bulls. He was hoping he would see it again when this guy came through and even at 300 yards, Craig knew this one would do well. While standing in three feet of water on the edge of a lake, Craig shot until the bull dropped. The packers really enjoyed the 500 yard pack to the landing area.

Alaska Moose Hunt

Hunting with LaRose Guide Service was my first hunt in Alaska. I was after the big brown bear I'd been dreaming about for over 30 years and therefore was excited but more so extremely nervous. I booked the hunt two years previous and spent most of that time worrying whether I'd be successful or not! My fears were quickly elated as soon as we finally reached the hunting area, as we immediately encountered bear sign! The next day being the eve of the hunting season we glassed up a huge bear around a kilometer away, thus making my heart pound like never before! The adrenalin rush kicked in ever so hard also knowing we could not hunt this bear on this day!. The next day was opening day. I was actually thinking I'd already missed my chance because we saw the big fellow the day before. But by lunch time a wolf appeared and was quickly dispatched. And another two hours later a huge brownie appeared sauntering down the river. Two quick shots and a reassurance shot and my hunt was over. All on day one!! He measured out at 9'4" and 271/2" skull. All the worry was over. I got exactly what I'd dreamed of, plus a wolf as a bonus! It must be therefore said that LaRose Guide Service knows where to find big bears and to acknowledge the hunters concerns and desires. Success at last!



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