Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunts On The Alaska Peninsula

Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunts With Larose Guide Service



Pumice Creek Lodge 

Pumice Creek Lodge On The Alaska Penininsula     Pumice Creek Lodge

LaRose Guide Service offers brown bear and moose hunts on the Alaska Peninsula. A unique wilderness experience in a spectacularly beautiful place! Stay at Pumice Creek Lodge, 376 air miles east of Anchorage, 86 air miles south of King Salmon, and far from the crowd. Remote, rustic, and unspoiled...but with comfortable accommodations, experienced guides, and savory meals! Pumice Creek Lodge rests near the mountains, surrounded by vast opportunity for harvesting trophy Alaska coastal brown bear and Alaska Yukon moose.  Our Wilderness! The Alaska Frontier!

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Alaska Brown Bear Hunts

Alaska Brown Bear  Alaska Bear Hunt

The Alaska Peninsula is home to one of the largest salmon runs in the world. This is the major reason we grow the biggest brown bear found anywhere in the world. This is a trophy Alaska brown bear habitat, and is strictly regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This hunt takes place on the Alaska Peninsula in May, between the 10th and the 25th in 2012 and 2014. Also, in October between the 1st and the 21st of 2011 and 2013.

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Alaska Moose Hunts

Trophy Alaska Bull Moose  Trophy Alaska Bull Moose

If 60 inch-plus moose are your goal, this is the place. We have been averaging 62" to 64" since 1967. When the season opens, the rut is just beginning. We track moose throughout the Fall. We choose our moose for their size and points and put a camp in as near as possible. Your hunt generally takes place within 10 miles of base camp. We hunt Unit 9E which has a minimum antler size restriction of 50 inches or better. Our target is moose with antlers over 60 inches.

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Alaska Blast & Cast Hunt

Blast & Cast Alaska Fishing    Alaska Duck Hunt

The reopening of Canada goose hunting on the Alaska Peninsula has given us the opportunity to offer a unique experience for our guests. This is five days of Silver salmon fishing and bird hunting, including geese and multiple species of puddle duck. We leave the lodge at first light and fly to the tidal area where  birds are flying. We land on the beaches and a few landing areas and walk to the best stake outs. My dog, Cinder is always on the lookout for incoming birds. When the birds slow down we can load back into the plane for a quick flight down the beach to the next bay south and land where my boats are stored. Within minutes you are fishing dime bright Silver Salmon from ten to fifteen pounds that are pound for pound some to the best fighters Alaska has to offer. Plan on catching ten to fifteen of these in three to four hours.

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Fishing At Pumice Creek Lodge

alaska fishing   alaska fishing

Pumice Creek Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula opens in June as "the kings" start their run up stream. We fish for these twenty to forty pound monsters very near salt water so you can be assured to catch strong, dime-bright fish. When the kings are running, there are also many reds and some rainbows up to ten pounds. These rainbows are catch and release only so have your camera ready. As the season progresses and the salmon start spawning, the Arctic char move in for the salmon eggs. The action on the fly pole is nonstop with these two to eight pound fighters. This fishing is primarily from the riverbank.

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TRYGVE Aavestad Spring 2016

Tye, as we call him because we have trouble with his Norwegian name, had hunted with me twice before. He had bagged two wolves in one day and a medium size brown bear but the big brown bear that he dreamed of had alluded him on previous hunts. He booked his third hunt with me for spring of 2016. I put Trye out with guide Rudy McPherren on the second half of the season. All through the hunt they were seeing plenty of bear but not the one that Trye wanted to put his tag on. On the seventh day they finely saw him way up the mountain side with a friendly sow. While they climbed up the mountain to where they had seen him, he stood up 75 yards away facing them. A well placed shot from Trye’s 375 knocked him down and another to the neck finished him. Trye is definitely one of my best hunters I have ever had the opportunity to have guided. He is always motivated and will not stop until the job is done. He definitely got it done this time with this 10 foot boar.


Edwin Cook Spring 2016

Ed had hunted bear with in the fall of 2013 and took home a very nice 64” moose for his efforts. Ed was hunting with guide Dan Walters and after six days they saw a good bear out in the tidal flats. They made a good stalk on him and after getting a few good rounds in him he disappeared in what they thought was a low grassy flats. Except it had a tidal gut in is and it was about the same size as the bear. The bear was truly stuck in the tidal gut but still on all fours. It took two days to get him out. They needed a shovel but the weather was too bad for me to deliver it. In the end they dug out the 9.5 footer with a spiting maul and packed the wet muddy hide back to camp. Ed now has two great trophies in his trophy room from LaRose Guide Service.


Rick Bayles Fall 2017

Rick Came out to the lodge with the idea of hunting out of the lodge and hanging out with two of his relatives in the evening that were there to fish. After a day of hunting from the lodge I convinced him his options would be better in a remote bear camp and he readily agreed. I put him out in a camp at the head of a valley and after five days I got a call for a pick up. Rick had taken a nice fat 8 ˝ foot brownie. He was one happy boy and his life- long dream of a brown bear in his den (that he had shot) had come true.

Clair Livingood Spring 2016

Clair hunted with me for moose several years before but after tuning down a 65” moose with no brow tines they never had another good opportunity to fill the tag. During his moose hunt he saw several nice bear and decided his for bear were better. On his 5th day of his hunt he had the opportunity and with guide Rudy McPherren to take a nice 9.5 foot boar right on the beach. He was one happy guy as you can see. I happened to come along to deliver some needed gear and got in the picture. Something I haven’t done for a few years.



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