The Alaska Peninsula is home to one of the largest salmon runs in the world. This is the major reason we grow the biggest brown bear found anywhere in the world. This is a trophy brown bear habitat, and is strictly regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Our brown bear hunts takes place on the Alaska Peninsula in May, which is our Spring hunts and October when our Fall hunts occur. Spring hunts are on even numbered years and Fall on odd numbered years.

Bear hunting is done in unit 9E on the Alaska Peninsula 85 miles below King Salmon. This is in the heart of bear country which begins around Lake Illiamna and ends at Cold Bay. 400 miles of bear country...I am in the center of it. We have the biggest bears in the world here along with Kodiak Island, about 150 miles away. We hunt bears from 8 to 10˝ feet with 80-90% success over the years, and had 100% one spring season.  I hunt on both US Fish and Wildlife lands and State lands. I have the permits: you do not have to draw them. While bear and moose seasons are separate, you can hunt wolf when you hunt bear. There is no charge for the tag and no trophy fee for a wolf.

You will fly to my Pumice Creek Camp on Pen Airways and spend a night at the main camp. The next day you will be flown out to a spike camp with your guide. Your days on this hunt will be spent glassing a short distance from your camp. When at the spike camp you will be checked on every couple of days by aircraft or by radio or sat phone. If you are unsuccessful in an area after three to four days you will be moved, weather permitting. Most of my camps are portable and can be taken down and moved with in an hour. We use Bomb Shelter tents and Go-Cots which are very accommodating and comfortable. Feel free to view our gallery page and contact me at any time to help you further your efforts towards an Alaskan brown bear hunt with us.

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Tales Of The Hunt



It was the twelfth day of his spring hunt and Terry Fowler was wondering if a big brownie was ever going to grace his den. This was his second hunt with us after having two very close opportunities that failed to go his way in the last minutes of the stalk on his first hunt. Now as he looked across the narrow valley he saw a nine plus bear coming down the opposite side. It was moving fast and it was easy to see they could never get in front of it. Just as he accepted the fact, the bear stopped and stood on its hind feet, looking to its left. He quickly dropped to all fours and charged over a small hill. Soon after that a cow moose came running out chased by the bear. Then he turned and went back where he had just been. Terry wasn’t sure what was going on but the bear had stopped, giving them the opportunity they needed. The pictures tell the rest of the story. John Rejek was the assistant guide.


David Howton of Winnsboro TX  with a nice nine footer taken on the Pacific Side with guide Rudy McPherren. Dave had been hunt with me several times over the years taking two other bear and wounding a ten footer. He was back in 2011 looking for the ten footer again but when this fat nine came up the river he said “well, I do not have a nine foot bear.” Well now he has one. One shot at 280 yards planted his trophy and ended his hunt after five days of not so great weather.

Stewart Sanders form BC Canada took this 10 foot bear in the spring of 2012. It was a cold spring with ten inches of snow on opening day....May 10th. Stewarts bear was very old and skinny. Guide Aaron Langeliers  thought the bear was about 8 and 1/2 feet when he first saw him and wasn't sure he should take him. When the bear hit the river he saw the white claws and knew it was a much older bear. They had to run to catch up and after a short pursuit, Stewart made his shots count and took home this great trophy. The skull scored 28 1/2 Boone and Crockett. Guide Aaron Langeliers with Stewart Sanders 28 1/2 BC scoring skull. You can really get an idea of how big the brown bears can be.

A  young feed on berries as Dani and Marti hunt for moose. This bear will need a few years before it is a good trophy. This bear is probably three year old and will need another three years to make a good representation.

This picture is from spring of 2008. We had done  quite well that spring and decided to put up a few “Bears on a stick”.  The bears are mounted on 2x4s 14 feet long. The bears from left to right are 8’ 9” , 9” 6”, 9’ 6” and 10’ 5”. Look closely at the 10’ 5” and the 9’ 5”. You can really tell a difference in the two bears with only one foot difference in height.


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